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SONICTECH was established in 2004. Since the beginning it is producing and selling machines using the ultrasound technology. Our specialists with enthusiasm and full commitment develop newer and improved technological solutions to meet clients’ expectations.

We adapt our sunits to specific production lines demands as well as build machines  from scratch. Reliability, precision and high finishing standard as well as full servicing of our units are highly appreciated by customers in Poland, Europe and Asia.

What we do?

We specialize in widely understood ultrasound technology, especially used in joining amorphous plastics ( such as ABS, SAN, PC, PMMA) as well as those semi-pellucid ones ( such as PA, PE, PP, POM, PET etc.)

It is not all about ultrasound. We also deliver plastics laser welding machines, vibratory and induction (spin wonder) welders, welding machines using hot gas or rotary method as well.

SONICTECH Ultrasonics machines are produced using CNC machines, which is why we are able to guarantee the highest quality and reproducibility. Our main customers are automotive industry companies. We deliver, exactly what customers expect – outstanding quality, reproducibility and reliability.

What gives us such strong position?

Our own equipment and technology supply base – we are both producers and distributors of the machines.

Fast sale and service – we guarantee service and support across Poland to all our customers. We’ve got warehouses at our disposal, where all spare parts are held. This is why you won’t have to wait long for delivery, repair or upgrade of your equipment.

Quality above all – we deliver safe and efficient machines because we would never cut the price at the expense of quality. We vouch for our welding machines, which thanks to solid cast-iron structure (20kHz welders) or aluminium ( 35kHz welders) provide minimal vibration and impeccable splice. Most of our tools are made of titanium alloy.

Educated and specialized staff -  we take pride in a fact that highly motivated, engaged and experienced individuals work for us.  We solely employ top class engineers and construction engineers who gained experience in aviation or fine mechanics industries.

Factual support – we are ready to embrace the biggest challenges, advise our clients at every stage of design and solve every problem our client might encounter
Polish equity – SONICTECH Ultrasonics is a 100% polish company, employing polish experts. We have been developing awareness of usefulness, quality and reliability of ultrasound technology for years. This is why we get closer and closer to our clients fulfilling subsequent projects and new ultrasonic technology implementations.

Our plans for the future

At present we reach out to clients outside Europe , to Asia. We should not stop there – every year we increase sales and employment on average by 20%.

How can we help you?
We not only deliver machines. We would like to ensure that the technology we offer simplifies and rationalises your workload by increasing productivity and quality of products.


SONICTECH industry solutions are the answer to the specific requirements of our clients. By developing a personalized ultrasound technology, we rely on innovation and a broad range of experience of our specialists.

Automotive industry

Durability and safety

When it comes to connecting over 10 000 thermoplastic elements of a car, ultrasound technology ensures precision, recurrence, aesthetics and durability.

Welders designed for automotive industry ensure that all necessary criteria to optimize and validate the processes of welding many components are met.

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Consumer industry

Flexible production

Constant innovation when it comes to household articles market ensure growing consumers’ expectations and demands. With the equipment being used everyday what counts the most is robustness, durability, precision, perfect design and neat surface finishing.

Thanks to the ultrasound welding technology the economical way of connecting different components is accessible.

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Food industry

Ideally cut edges

The ultrasound technology works perfectly when it comes to cutting food products – especially those crispy, cream and soft. With the use of ultrasounds the product’s shape remains unchanged what means it is possible to cut very thin slices.

Minimal surface friction guarantees clear cut with minimal product Mount on the knife. Fast and clear cut maximises productivity and minimises clearing time.

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Textile industry

Comfort and hygiene

The fast process of welding textiles enables production of soft and safe everyday use products. There is a possibility to simultaneously letter, laminate and cut products. Laminated elements are much more comfortable and practical. The ultrasound cuts lack in fibres and ensure clear, specific finishing.

Furthermore soft surfaces do not get damaged when lettered using ultrasound.

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Packaging industry

Keep it fresh

The ultrasound technology can be used for welding food packaging and other products. Thanks to the highest precision the packaging is robustly closed, better protected, and remains fresh longer.

Ultrasound welding machine is a more economical and more productive alternative to other packing methods.

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Medical industry

Health and safety

The ultrasound welding technology is irreplaceable when it comes to medical products, where it is necessary to meet strict constrains regarding safety elements. Welding ensures robustness, durability, minimal particles production and stability of the production process.  

Ultrasound welding ensures precise process control, identification and data collection for future.

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Other industries

Endless possibilities

Thanks to its reliability and speed ultrasounds are widely used in the construction industry, where it is necessary to weld different components used to secure and harden the basis.

Ultrasound technology enables precise joining of elastic synthetic tapes to create solid spatial structures of the protective basis.

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It's good to know

Q & A's

What are ultrasounds?

Ultrasounds are basically sound waves with a frequency between 16 kHz and 1 GHz.

Human cannot hear it, however they are easily found when touching welding machines with its wide application within industrial conditions. Ultrasound vibrations occur as oblong waves being changed into heat and are able to change the shape of plastics and cause friction between particles. Those processes enable precise cutting, brazing, cleaning and joining of elements of different shapes and structures. It is worth mentioning, that ultrasound frequencies between 20 and 35 kHz are not harmful for humans and animals.

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Does Sonictech offer support to clients?

Of course, we do. Our clients receive specialized help for both selecting the required equipment, as well as servicing, repairs, calibrating and software updates.

We also offer post guarantee servicing.

Do I need ultrasound technology in my production process?

The simple answer is: Yes, if you care about fast processes and repetitive welding effects . Having said that it is not a technology for every single company.  The best possible quality when it comes to durability, robustness and aesthetics can be obtained when the materials of parts and constructions are suitable for the ultrasound process.

Ultrasound technology is recommended for multi-series production, especially within automotive, electrical, medical, packaging and hygiene industry. It ensures economical, aesthetical, clean, comfortable and what is most important permanent components joint.

What does ultrasound welding process look like?

Ultrasound joining of thermoplastic materials is a technology of welding by using mechanical vibrations to generate heat because of molecular friction. Irreplaceable part is a sonotrode being a welding tool , carrying vibrations onto the components.

Those vibrations cause the movement of molecules in plastics which become soft and start melting . Thanks to that the components are joined or adjusted to the joint shape. After a short period of time under pressure the materials are permanently molecularly joint.

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