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SONICTECH Ultrasonics Plec Sp.k.

NIP: 5030079256
REGON: 364650730
KRS: 0000621621, Sąd Rejonowy w Toruniu, VII Wydział Gospodarczy Krajowego Rejestru Sądowego

Warsaw office

ul. Mokra 3c, Kiełpin
05-092 Łomianki near Warsaw
tel. +48 22 213 91 61
fax. +48 22 201 34 16
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tel. +48 601 333 836

tel. +48 601 900 248

tel. +48 601 995 360

Wrocław office

ul. Parafialna 21
52-233 Wrocław
tel. +48 71 735 18 58


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We are here for you, if you have strategic and long term mindset. If you prefer effects over promises. If you appreciate efficiency, stability and credibility. If you believe that innovative technology can change your company for better. SONICTECH Ultrasonics is joined by those three values:


We deliver the newest ultrasonic technology solutions. We offer both machines and components, quality of which has been recognized by engineers all over the world. It will lead your company into the future.


We have tested and have carefully chosen only those machines , which guarantee highest efficiency, precision and reliability of ultrasonic processes. Our products meet the highest standards and achieve some of the bests results on the market. We also seek to improve them where only possible.


We invest not only in technology but in know-how and our people as well. Our consultants are fully accessible regardless of time and day. We offer our support and we always seek to deliver most suitable solutions. We try to improve for our clients to meet all demands and exceed expectations.

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+48 601 900 248

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+48 601 995 360

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Warsaw Office

t. +48 601 900 248
ul. Mokra 3c
05-092 Kiełpin (near Warsaw)

Wrocław office

t. +48 601 995 360
ul. Parafialna 21
52-233 Wrocław

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