Medical industry

Health and safety

The ultrasound welding technology is irreplaceable when it comes to medical products, where it is necessary to meet strict constrains regarding safety elements. Welding ensures robustness, durability, minimal particles production and stability of the production process.  

Ultrasound welding ensures precise process control, identification and data collection for future.

Ultrasound technology can be use for production:
  • membranes, adapters, connectors
  • surgical elements, functional elements
  • liquid containers, filters
  • breathing masks
  • sachets, bags and other packaging


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We are here for you, if you have strategic and long term mindset. If you prefer effects over promises. If you appreciate efficiency, stability and credibility. If you believe that innovative technology can change your company for better. SONICTECH Ultrasonics is joined by those three values:


We deliver the newest ultrasonic technology solutions. We offer both machines and components, quality of which has been recognized by engineers all over the world. It will lead your company into the future.


We have tested and have carefully chosen only those machines , which guarantee highest efficiency, precision and reliability of ultrasonic processes. Our products meet the highest standards and achieve some of the bests results on the market. We also seek to improve them where only possible.


We invest not only in technology but in know-how and our people as well. Our consultants are fully accessible regardless of time and day. We offer our support and we always seek to deliver most suitable solutions. We try to improve for our clients to meet all demands and exceed expectations.

It's good to know

Q & A's

What are ultrasounds?

Ultrasounds are basically sound waves with a frequency between 16 kHz and 1 GHz.

Human cannot hear it, however they are easily found when touching welding machines with its wide application within industrial conditions. Ultrasound vibrations occur as oblong waves being changed into heat and are able to change the shape of plastics and cause friction between particles. Those processes enable precise cutting, brazing, cleaning and joining of elements of different shapes and structures. It is worth mentioning, that ultrasound frequencies between 20 and 35 kHz are not harmful for humans and animals.

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Does Sonictech offer support to clients?

Of course, we do. Our clients receive specialized help for both selecting the required equipment, as well as servicing, repairs, calibrating and software updates.

We also offer post guarantee servicing.

Do I need ultrasound technology in my production process?

The simple answer is: Yes, if you care about fast processes and repetitive welding effects . Having said that it is not a technology for every single company.  The best possible quality when it comes to durability, robustness and aesthetics can be obtained when the materials of parts and constructions are suitable for the ultrasound process.

Ultrasound technology is recommended for multi-series production, especially within automotive, electrical, medical, packaging and hygiene industry. It ensures economical, aesthetical, clean, comfortable and what is most important permanent components joint.

What does ultrasound welding process look like?

Ultrasound joining of thermoplastic materials is a technology of welding by using mechanical vibrations to generate heat because of molecular friction. Irreplaceable part is a sonotrode being a welding tool , carrying vibrations onto the components.

Those vibrations cause the movement of molecules in plastics which become soft and start melting . Thanks to that the components are joined or adjusted to the joint shape. After a short period of time under pressure the materials are permanently molecularly joint.

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