Sonotrode is one of the most important element of ultrasound welding machine

sonotroda do ciecia
sonotroda czasza

SONICTECH’s titanium sonotrode with proper top surface profile is the highest class component of the welding machine.  

Sonotrodes are those parts which are subject to high strains, which is why they must show over ordinary durability. We design and produce them using FEA (Finite Element Analysis)

We also deliver components to machines of other producers. Each element is carefully tested in our lab and adjusted to a given welding process , what guarantees high robustness and connection reliance for products of many different industries.

Each sonotrode is designed for a specified frequency and vibration amplitude. Typical frequencies used while welding are 20, 30, 35 and 40 kHz. For larger items lower frequencies are used (20 kHz), for smaller items higher frequencies (lower vibration frequency allows making bigger tools)

The most important parameter is the vibration amplitude and its equal layout on the top of the sonotrode. If the sonotrode isn’t designed properly, it will not have and even layout of  the amplitude, what will result in uneven welding or even can lead to sonotrode’s damage. Having the best possible machine with an incorrectly produced sonotrode will give an average or even incorrect welding results. 

SONICTECH Ultrasonics’ sonotrodes with the best welding parameters guarantee 

  • High speed of the processes
  • Repetitiveness of welding results
  • Short time span of welding (friction of a second)
  • Adjustable to production demand
For each material the amplitude span, in which we received best results, has been determined. Amorphous materials such as ABS, PC, PMMA etc. are materials which are easily subjected to vibrations with low temperature of melting and what goes with it, they weld easily.  

It is slightly different when it comes to semi-crystalline materials (eg. PP, PA, PE, POM), the melting temperature of which is higher and they are less prone to vibrations. They are also weldable , however it requires much higher vibration amplitude and higher power of the generator.
Below is the simulation of property designed sonotrode.

sonotoroda sym


SONICTECH industry solutions are the answer to the specific requirements of our clients. By developing a personalized ultrasound technology, we rely on innovation and a broad range of experience of our specialists.

Automotive industry

Durability and safety

When it comes to connecting over 10 000 thermoplastic elements of a car, ultrasound technology ensures precision, recurrence, aesthetics and durability.

Welders designed for automotive industry ensure that all necessary criteria to optimize and validate the processes of welding many components are met.

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Consumer industry

Flexible production

Constant innovation when it comes to household articles market ensure growing consumers’ expectations and demands. With the equipment being used everyday what counts the most is robustness, durability, precision, perfect design and neat surface finishing.

Thanks to the ultrasound welding technology the economical way of connecting different components is accessible.

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Food industry

Ideally cut edges

The ultrasound technology works perfectly when it comes to cutting food products – especially those crispy, cream and soft. With the use of ultrasounds the product’s shape remains unchanged what means it is possible to cut very thin slices.

Minimal surface friction guarantees clear cut with minimal product Mount on the knife. Fast and clear cut maximises productivity and minimises clearing time.

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Textile industry

Comfort and hygiene

The fast process of welding textiles enables production of soft and safe everyday use products. There is a possibility to simultaneously letter, laminate and cut products. Laminated elements are much more comfortable and practical. The ultrasound cuts lack in fibres and ensure clear, specific finishing.

Furthermore soft surfaces do not get damaged when lettered using ultrasound.

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Packaging industry

Keep it fresh

The ultrasound technology can be used for welding food packaging and other products. Thanks to the highest precision the packaging is robustly closed, better protected, and remains fresh longer.

Ultrasound welding machine is a more economical and more productive alternative to other packing methods.

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Medical industry

Health and safety

The ultrasound welding technology is irreplaceable when it comes to medical products, where it is necessary to meet strict constrains regarding safety elements. Welding ensures robustness, durability, minimal particles production and stability of the production process.  

Ultrasound welding ensures precise process control, identification and data collection for future.

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Other industries

Endless possibilities

Thanks to its reliability and speed ultrasounds are widely used in the construction industry, where it is necessary to weld different components used to secure and harden the basis.

Ultrasound technology enables precise joining of elastic synthetic tapes to create solid spatial structures of the protective basis.

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