Ultrasonic cutting tools

Cutting blade

Modern composite materials, require suitable machining tools

The SONICTECH Ultrasonics ultrasonic cutting system allows for almost waste-free separation of the surfaces being cut using 20 and 35 kHz knives. The cutting is carried out in a similar manner to saw-like tools (knife deformations resulting from the vibration amplitude; they set the knife in a motion resembling cutting with a saw), making the process easier, faster and definitely cleaner.

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Modern ultrasonic blades by SONICTECH Ultrasonics  cut through surfaces of even very delicate materials (e.g. honeycomb), hard and soft foams, soft plastics, rubber as well as carbon, aramid and glass fibre. Fabrics and leather are also successfully subjected  to this technology.

Adjusting the mounting to the Customer's system

Ultrasonic blades are available in various sizes, operating in resonant frequencies from 20 to 40 kHz, working with transducers of varying capacities. SONICTECH Ultrasonics guarantees the right system for the Customer's process or the indicated material. The ease of use is confirmed by the preparation of the tools for mounting on, among others, plotters or robot arms (2d Plotter System, CNC Tool Exchange System, e.g. HSK 63).

Mounting system: Ploter - 2D system, Quick Change - portal and robot system, CNC HSK 63 (A,F), Robot mouting

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